Welcome to Spartan Airsoft UK

Spartan has 2 well established Airsoft sites.

The woodland site is set in over 40 acres of ever changing woodland, Spartan has a bit of everything for all styles of player from, dense woodland with tracks running through for surprise attack, to purpose built village the perfect place to set up a unbeatable defense  and much much more


The C.Q.B site,

The CQB site is set in the old college at Chippenham, with a large areas, dark sneaky walkways and multiple stairways, over 3 floors of fun

Woodland Prices


Game Fee/ Hire

  • Game fee for all players        £20
  • Game fee including kit hire  £40

*Kit hire includes 1 Gun, 1 Full Face Mask, 2 Mag’s and 1 Load Vest


Vouchers Available email us for detail or see a marshal on site Starting from £32 – £52

 Only Pyro & BB’s bought from Spartan Airsoft can be used onsite

(Read site rules)

Bio BB’s

  • 0.20 1KG ( approximately 5000 BB’s)  £13.50
  • 0.25 1KG ( approximately 4000 BB’s)  £13.50
  • 0.28 1KG ( approximately 3570 BB’s)  £13.50
  • 0.30 1KG ( approximately 3370 BB’s) £15

Other Fun Bits

  • Smoke       £3.50
  • Flashbangs  £3.50

Snack and Drinks Available.


You can book via Text Message, our Facebook App or at the bottom of this page

Text Number:- 07791176046

Please give us the following information:

  • Date of game day you would like to attend
  • Woodland Site (Brockley Coombe) or CQB Site (Chippenham)
  • Number of players
  • Full names of walk on players
  • Full names of players requiring hire package

When we accept your booking you will receive player number/s.

Please Print and sign. these will be needed when signing in
Players under the age of 18 must have their disclaimer signed by a parent or guardian before they are allowed to play

Download Disclaimer

Find Us

Woodland Site Address
Spartan Airsoft
Brockley Combe
BS48 3DF