Spartan C.Q.B

Q. Where is the new CQB site?
A. Chippenham, In the old college, Cocklebury Road
Chippenham, Wiltshire SN15 3QD

Q. How much is the game fee?
A. £25 for walk on £45 if you require kit – but you need to book your place.

Q. When can we book a place?
A. We are accepting bookings now.

Q. How do I book a place?
A. On the standard textline 07791176046 or on the website. Just tick the site option or tell us on the message which site you are booking for.

Q. How often with the games be run?
A. We currently run games every Sunday.

Q. Is the food and drink on site?
A. Currently no due to COVID restrictions

Q. Whats the FPS limit?
A. It will be the same as the woodland site, So 350 FPS with 0.20g bb’s

Q. Is the site Bio BB only?
A. No – plastic is fine.

Q. Can we use lasers?
A. Yes, if used SENSIBLY.

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