Site Rules

PLEASE NOTE FPS Limits for our sites are as follows:
AEG: 350fps MAX . . Sniper: 450fps MAX (Single shot sniper rifles only. NOT semi converted AEGs) 30 meter engagement for sniper rifles

Any AEGs found to be firing over our site limits will not be used on our site. It is players responsibility to make sure weapons are within limits, NO EXCEPTIONS!!

NO Laser Sights are to be mounted or used at Spartan.

We are a BIO ONLY site and you MUST use BB’s supplied by us. This is so we can check that bio is being used

  1. DO NOT SPEED when entering or leaving the site. The speed limit on site is 5mph.
    1a. When moving your gear from our car park to the base camp area you will be crossing A PUBLIC FOOTPATH and therefore ALL RIFs (realistic imitation firearms) MUST be carried in an appropriate carry case/bag or be wrapped so they are out of public view.
  2. Eye protection MUST be worn at all times in the playing area and should only be removed when outside the playing area, in the Safe Area or if advised by a marshal. Ballistic Full Face Goggles are recommended but players wear Shooting glasses at their own risk.
  3. It is strongly advised that full face protection be worn but this is at your own discretion.
    3a. It is strongly advised that strong boots with ankle support are worn onsite due to many uneven surfaces
  4. Any player under the age of 16 MUST wear a full face mask. Minimum age is 12 but must be accompanied by parent or guardian if under 16.
  5. Do not climb up or on trees, do not deliberately damage shrubs, trees, plants or structures.
  6. If you do encounter a member of the public in the wood then cease all activities immediately until they have moved out of the area and advise a marshal of their location.
  7. Magazines must be removed and gun chambers cleared before entering the safe area or leaving the playing area.
    7a. No Dry firing in the safezone/Basecamp.
  8. All weapons are required to be tested using a Chronograph prior to the briefing on the game day.
  9. Some areas of the wood may be slippery and uneven and players should take adequate care when entering or playing in these areas, particularly in wet weather.
  10. Be aware that there are fallen trees, logs, brambles and other obstructions on the ground and care should be taken when moving around them.
  11. Be aware of branches/ roofing struts on hooches that are at head height.
  12. Be aware of any gradients, There are several steep gradients at our site.
  13. Players under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be refused entry and no alcohol or drugs are permitted on the site.
  14. When hit, shout hit, stand up and place your arm in the air (either arm).
  15. All cars are parked at owners risk.
  16. Overkill – avoid overkill at all times, it only takes one round to eliminate someone – there is no need to continue shooting, although a certain amount of BB’s may still be in flight after the initial hit.
  17. Violence and swearing are unacceptable – children may be present. Anyone who is found to be swearing or acting in an abusive manner toward other players or marshals will be cautioned as to their behaviour and if it continues will be asked to leave the site.
  18. All players must sign an insurance waiver before the start of play.
  19. Players under the age of 18 must have their disclaimer signed by a parent or guardian before they are allowed to play. Take out the bit about the other form.
  20. Sharp blades may NOT be taken into gaming areas.
  21. Only Pyro Bought from Spartan Airsoft can be used at our site.
  22. You are not allowed under any circumstances to shoot at any wild birds or animals that may be present in the woods. Anyone found doing so will be banned from the site for life.
  23. Blind firing is not permitted on site, you must have visual contact with your target at all times.
  24. Using marshals for target practice is unacceptable, we know we will be shot during a day but anyone repeatedly targeting marshals will be asked to leave.
  25. We reserve the right to use our common sense. if we deem what you are doing to be dangerous or generally stupid and isn’t covered in these rules we will still act.
  26. Chief marshals decision is final.